Our Services

Defining project requirements to drive a superior outcome:  leadership, communication, collaboration and project management expertise and experience are the hallmarks of Grey Cardinal Management Inc.

Project Management

Our Project Management assignments range from comprehensive management services throughout all project phases to specific tasks of shorter duration.  A brief listing of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Leadership during the design phase, protection of project vision, quality, schedule, budget.
  • Customization of services to fit the unique needs and requirements of our Clients.
  • Budgets prepared by trained estimators that are aware of local market conditions.
  • Schedules outlining the defined phases of the project in the most efficient manner.
  • We are trained Builders with in-depth direct building experience.
  • Specialized Expertise in Project Management of phased construction projects within, and connecting to, occupied buildings.

Constructability Reviewer

As Constructability Reviewer we work closely with contractors and construction documents during all phases of both design and construction including design review, development of contract documents, tendering process, award, construction, commissioning, closeout and warranty periods.  Our experience includes managing all forms of design and project delivery contracts, quality and technical reviews as well as field experience. We have an in depth understanding of building trades, construction materials, equipment, building techniques, regulations and sequences of construction as well as ‘boots-on-the-ground’ experience spanning collectively over 55 years.  Our construction management experience includes selection of trade contractors, processing RFI’s, reviewing submittals, leadership of project meetings, authorizing payments and involvement with resolution of disputes and claims.  We have experience working with construction contracting on both sides of the construction equation, and are acutely aware of the negative impacts of poorly written bid documents and unclear or incomplete drawings.

Our primary focus is to assist in the development and progress of the construction documents, reviewing for consistency and clarity to ensure minimum impact to the budget and schedule.  With a fresh eye, GCMI offers an independent review to ensure quality control in the tendering process.