Grey Cardinal

Wikipedia Definition: “A powerful decision-maker or advisor”




Grey Cardinal Management Inc. is a Project and Construction Management Services firm, built with experienced industry professionals. Our Senior Leadership’s expertise has been proven by over 55 combined years of experience in the Project Management and Construction Management fields. We give expert, trusted guidance to all of our clients.



With an established focus on achieving and exceeding superior outcomes, we never loose sight of our number one goal (and measurement of our success): to provide outstanding project management services to our clients. To become your ‘Grey Cardinal’ and trusted advisor, we commit to:

  • Exceeding ‘expected’ standards and level of service;
  • Consistent attention to details and high-quality documentation benchmarks;
  • Open, honest communication;
  • Sincerity and integrity;
  • Identifying needs of our clients through careful consultation;
  • Investing in our client’s vision;
  • Dedicated and experienced team members who share in these core values;
  • Repeat client engagement.

Jon Mullin, BSc. Eng.


Jon brings 30 years of industry experience to Grey Cardinal Management Inc.  He graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Civil Engineering degree in 1982 and has been actively involved in the Institutional Commercial Industrial (ICI) Construction Sector as a Chief Estimator, Senior Project Manager, Project Director, and Vice President of mid-size to large national firms.  This wide spectrum of experience allows Jon to be a value-add to Grey Cardinal’s client base from the planning and budgeting phase with his construction budgeting experience through project execution.  Jon is an active member of the Nova Scotia Building Advisory Committee (Vice Chair), as well as a present member of the Board of Directors of Brigadoon Children’s Village and Chair of their Facilities Management and Operations Committee.
Donna Hoar, GSC, CHC

Donna Hoar, GSC, CHC

Vice President

With over twenty-six years’ experience in the construction industry, Donna Hoar stands at the forefront of the project management consultant sector in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  Sought out for her expertise in managing large projects with multiple stakeholders, Donna is a key element in clients achieving project success.

A champion of team cohesiveness, Donna utilizes her superior leadership and communication skills to ensure goals remain on track throughout the duration of the project.  She identifies the strengths of team members and works diligently to ensure that inclusion, trust and responsibility remain in focus.

Donna’s breadth of experience in both the construction and design sectors allow for an unabiased assessment in relationship to task importance, urgency and risk, to keep team members focused on project success.

An advocate of community involvement, Donna is the Regional Coordinator for Special Olympics, Dartmouth; a Facilitator and Industry Education Committee Member at the Construction Association of Nova Scotia; as well as a Committee Member, Brigadoon Site and Facilities Committee.