Grey Cardinal is committed to provide a collaborative solution solution to all of your Project Management Service needs.

Project Management and Construction Management Services

Our comprehensive and personalized Project Management and Construction Management Services cover every aspect of carrying your vision from idea to occupancy. In-house budgeting and scheduling expertise allow for a one-stop-shop to get you and your colleagues to a place where you can make informed decisions on financing, go/no-go, or scope and scale revisions that may be necessary.

We lead your procurement process, establish and implement the project controls to keep all designers, suppliers and the contracting teams within budget and on schedule. Change Management, moving logistics and project close-out, commissioning and warranty monitoring are all integral pieces of the comprehensive Project Management Solution that Grey Cardinal provides.


Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling and Active Schedule Management (ASM)

A schedule isn’t real until it is done by professionals who have the industry know-how and the right CPM software to sequence the logic. We make quantity and resource-based schedules that are presentable to stakeholders, readable to managers, and useable by the tradesmen that are completing the work. A schedule isn’t worth the paper that it is written on if the team management skills aren’t there to actively manage it; monitoring resources, deliverables, milestones and risk and making necessary decisions with stakeholders to maintain the critical path. Grey Cardinal engages in ASM with the project schedule’s resources from start to finish to protect the client’s schedule and business operations.


Estimating and Budgeting

Our seasoned industry experts have been preparing project budgets and estimates with detail levels from Class D (costs per square foot or m2) to Class A (itemized pricing for labour and material) and all spectrums in-between. Whether this is a stand-alone service or as part of the overall Project or Construction Management Service, Grey Cardinal provides accurate cost-related project guidance to your team.


Change Management: planning and execution

Do you need someone to lead your team through the process of change, getting team members on board, enlisting change champions to charting out the course to carry out the organization’s vision? Grey Cardinal will be the collaborative piece that cements the organizational vision with the team members that will carry it out.


Project Commissioning and Close-Out

The project isn’t complete until all systems are functioning properly and project documentation, warranties and operational manuals are in the right hands and are understood by the right people. Grey Cardinal stays with the project, along with the contractors and consultants, until the job is done.


Feasibility Studies

We bring our expertise and the right players to the table to tell you if your ideas suit your business needs and budget limitations. Grey Cardinal and their industry and business partners will be the key ingredient that informs your decision-making process.


Constructability Reviews and Tender Document Review

“You don’t know what you don’t know” or ”an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Both of these statements are sound reasons for doing a Constructability Review of your project documents before procurement. A Constructability Review identifies obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and unexpected costs. Similarly, Tender Document reviews are performed from a builder’s perspective because if the design documents are difficult to understand and interpret, the project may be more difficult to build, and bidders may include contingency costs which are not necessary. Grey Cardinal makes it our business to minimize your risk.


Buildability and Project Planning

Buildability assesses designs to critically analyze that the desired quality and program requirements are met while achieving the desired value for dollar that all budget conscious owners require. Integral to this process is the recognition that no two sites are identical and what may be practical and cost-efficient in one location may be impractical and cost prohibitive in another. Grey Cardinal’s experienced builders are uniquely qualified to deliver this service.


Project and Schedule Audits

Have you dug yourself a hole, both literally and figuratively, and don’t know where to turn to find out where your actual costs and schedule will be when your project is finished? By performing part forensic audit and part forecasting of costs and schedule we will deliver an objective and experienced third-party report that will give you the straight facts on what to expect to project completion and advice on how to mitigate outcomes that are detrimental to your organization. Grey Cardinal will challenge the current project assumptions with analysis of current project resources and historic cost data.


Construction Consulting

If you have a construction or contracting business and require additional support, or have run into project management capacity issues, Grey Cardinal can help get you over the hump with their in-house expertise and resources.


Workplace and Operational Efficiency Consulting

We work with the client and the designers to make the best possible use of space and integrate the Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) with the occupants and the mechanical and electrical systems that are available for use in your premises. With a wide variety of options and budgets for FF&E, Grey Cardinal helps you get the best aesthetic and value for money.